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One problem with planning visits to battlefields is to know what you can expect to find.  Some battlefields are easy to interpret and supported by information panels and a visitor centre.  It is also useful to know whether it somewhere is more suitable as a  walk or a car drive.    Much of Britian’s battlefield heritage is not particularly well presented for the casual visitor.

British Battlefields is introducing a rating system for the convenience of visitors.. This is new, but based on the symbols used by the Ordnance Survey for tourist information.   Over the next few years we plan to evaluate and rate battlefield and military heritage to make it easy for visitors to plan their visit.  We would like to recruit members of the public as well as our members to evaluate military heritage destinations.


The information at the top of each entry shows the basic information about the destination.

Nature :

TOUR-museum                     Museum

battle _short                        Battlefield

TOUR-castle                        Castle or fortress

TOUR-other (1)                        Memorial

TOUR-heritage                          Heritage Centre

TOUR-historic                    Other Historic Building

Ownership or Management:

TOUR-EngHeritage                     English Heritage

TOUR-NatTrust                            National Trust

BT                           Registered Battlefield

TOUR-Hist-Scotland                        Historic Scotland

TOUR-Wales                          CADW


Free  Free

£1  Adult  entry below £5.00

£2  Adult  entry £5.00-10.00

£3  Adult  entry over £10.00






TOUR-park (1)  Car parking

TOUR-park No  No car park or severe parking restrictions on roads


TOUR-pub Public House

TOUR-pub_No No public house within one mile.

TOUR-picnicPicnic area

 Public Transport

GEN-busGEN-busGEN-busPublic Transport access direct to the destination and no more than 30 mins wait.

GEN-busGEN-bus  Public transport to within 500m and or wait of up to

GEN-busLimited public transport to within two miles served once a day.

GEN-bus_No  No public transport within two miles

Car Route

CarCarCar  Car route around battlefield or trail with all information points and viewing points accessible by car.

CarCar Car route around battlefield or trail with half information points and viewing points accessible by car.

CarCar route around battlefield or trail with at least one  information point and or viewing points accessible by car.

Car_no Route inaccessible by car.  No route within  100m of information points.

Viewing Points

TOUR-view180Excellent viewing points offering a view of the historic landscape

TOUR-view160Viewing points offering a partial view over a historic landscape

No easy view of the historic landscape

Walking Trail

The number of “feet” indicates the suitability of the destination as a walk

TOUR-walk_horizontalTOUR-walk_horizontalTOUR-walk_horizontalThree – walk with the battlefield accessible on foot

TOUR-walk_horizontalTOUR-walk_horizontalTwo –  most of the battlefield accessible on foot, but some of the walk may be through developed or built up areas.

TOUR-walk_horizontalOne foot – a walk is possible on part of the battlefield

TOUR-No walk Battlefield inaccessible on foot

The orientation indicates the degree of difficulty of the walk

TOUR-walk_horizontalHorizontal.  Easy walking.  Access by footpaths

TOUR-walk_45deg45% Moderate difficulty, walking boots advisable .

TOUR-walkVertical  Hill walking  some rock scrambling.


whlchr-p_bluewhlchr-p_blue All points accessible by wheelchair.

whlchr-p_blue                   Some points accessible by wheelchair

whlchr-p_blue_no                    No wheelchair access.

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